UBRC Class 2022 – Shifting and Derailleurs

Learn the basics about how your bicycles gears work and how to keep them shifting smoothly. You can have your bike handy during the class to follow along or you can just watch.

UBRC Class 2022 – Annual Maintenance and Chain Cleaning

Keep your bike running smoothly throughout the year. You will learn and practice best techniques for cleaning and lubricating your chain and other routine maintenance. You can have your bike handy to follow along or you can just watch.

POSTPONED: UBRC Class 2022 – Rear Wheel Removal and Re-install Class

Ever had a rear flat tire but were intimidated by removing and re-installing the rear wheel? Fear no longer! Get the basic how-to’s and expert tips and tricks for removing your bike’s rear wheel. This is a hands-on free class and it’s optimal if you have your bike with you to practice what you are learning in real time.

UBRC Class 2021 – Bicycle Through Winter

Tips on biking through the winter including lessons learned from a winter bicycling veteran. Suggestions for clothing and other gear plus basic winter maintenance tips and available resources.

UBRC Class 2021 – Bicycle Hub Overhaul Demo

The instructor will take apart a wheel hub and demonstrate repacking of wheel bearings. The inner workings of this simple but mysterious bicycle maintenance task will be revealed.

UBRC Class 2021 – Basic Bicycle Brakes

In this class, we will discuss brakes and minor brake adjustments. Follow along at home on your own bike, or just watch and listen to learn how to identify and use your barrel adjusters, as well as clean your braking surfaces.

UBRC Class 2021 – Bicycle Flat Fix

Learn what you need to fix flat tires with confidence in this in-depth flat fix clinic for front wheels. There will be lots to learn for both beginners and people who have changed a flat before. Follow along on your own bike or with your own front wheel.