First round of parking applications closed

Parking offers for those who submitted a 2018-19 parking application between May 21 – June 8 will be sent throughout the week of July 13. These offers must be accepted and purchased by Tuesday, August 7 or the offer expires. There is no way to retrieve an expired offer. Please note not all those who completed an application will receive an offer during round one.

Those who missed the first round of applications can apply from July 13 – August 7. Offers for the second application period will be processed August 8-9.

If you do not have or have not had a parking permit in the past, you must contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) for approval to apply for the 2018-19 parking year. Students, please see the student parking page.

2018-19 bus passes and motorcycle, moped, afternoon and night permits go on sale August 1.

Schedule for 2018-19 parking applications

Deadline date Task
May 21 – June 8 Parking applications open – Round 1
June 8 Deadline for Round 1 parking applications
July 13 – 19 Round 1 parking offers sent via email*
July 13 – August 7 Parking applications open – Round 2
August 1 Employee bus pass and afternoon, night, moped, and motorcycle permits go on sale
August 7 Deadline to accept Round 1 parking offers and deadline for Round 2 parking applications
August 8 – 9 Round 2 parking offers sent via email*
August 8 – 21 Parking applications open – Round 3
August 21 Deadline to accept Round 2 parking offers and deadline for Round 3 parking applications
September 4 Deadline to accept Round 3 parking offers

* Applying for a parking permit does not guarantee you will receive an offer. If you do not receive an email offering you parking, you will be added to a waiting list and may get an offer in a future round.

Applications submitted after August 21 will be processed approximately every two weeks throughout the parking year. Information on acceptance/purchase deadlines will be in the offer email.