WARF Building roof repairs to shut stalls in Lot 64, 65

Repair work on the WARF Building’s roof will start Monday, July 16 and last for three days. A crane will be brought into the lots to move materials to the roof.

In order to accommodate the construction materials, a section of stalls in the southern part of Lot 64 and 65 will be closed. The majority of stalls will be closed on the first and final days of the project while the crane is brought in and removed. Visitors wishing to visit Transportation Services customer service or use the AIMS reserved stall will be able to use stalls on the east side of the building–signage will be placed to direct vehicles.

Permit holders can use available stalls in the lot and can relocate to Lot 59 (across the street by the Walnut Street Greenhouses and Biotron) if no stalls are available.