Lot 664 and part of Lot 37 closed

Effective June 20, the southwest portion of Lot 37 near Bradley and Dejope Hall is closed through the end of August for lift station repair work. This closure will also affect all of Lot 664.

Lot 37 permit holders should use the remaining stalls in the northern part of the lot. If unable to find an available stall in the lot, permit holders should relocate to Lot 62 (by the Natatorium and Vet Med). Please ensure your permit is properly displayed if you relocate. You do not need to contact Transportation Services if you park in the alternate lot.

Service permit holders cannot park in non-service/vendor stalls. Please use the service/vendor stalls available in Lots 58, 57, 35, or 12.

Lot 664 permit holders should use Lot 665 on the west side of Dejope.

You can reference the campus parking maps if you need assistance locating the alternate lot options.

The lots will reopen in full at the end of August. 2018-19 parking year permits will be available for both lots.