University of Wisconsin–Madison

Repaving University Bay Drive by Lot 60 and 76

A project to repave part of University Bay Drive will last from August 7 – 24, barring weather delays. The section of road from Marsh Drive to just past the north entrance to Lot 76 will be closed in two different phases:

  • Part 1: Lot 60 accessible via southwest and east entrance/exit. Lot 76 accessible only via south entrance/exit.
  • Part 2: Lot 60 will only be accessible via the east entrance/exit.  Lot 76 permit holders will travel around Lot 60 to access the north entrance/exit.

Each part is expected to take about one week to complete. One entrance/exit to each lot will be maintained at all times. Sidewalks will be open.

Please drive carefully to protect those at work and pedestrian traffic.

A map of all construction projects and detours can be found on the campus parking maps page.