City of Madison flooding and road closures

In addition to flooding and road closures in West Madison, Middleton, and western Dane County, lake levels continue to rise throughout the Yahara Chain of Lakes. As a result, there will be additional road closures and detours in downtown Madison—especially on the isthmus—as waters rise on Mendota, Monona, and the Yahara River. This will affect bus routes, traffic patterns, and travel/commuting times.

Flooding may affect several campus roads and parking areas along and near Lake Mendota and Willow Creek. At this time, no campus roads have been closed. Lot 129 by Picnic Point is temporarily closed. Signage and barricades will be posted near affected areas should any large scale closures be needed. Information on campus closures will be shared as it becomes available. In the event of flooding, do not attempt to drive through flooded streets.

To avoid road closures on the east side of the isthmus, all are advised to approach the UW campus from the south or west, with Park Street from U.S. Highway 12/18 (the Beltline) being a recommended alternate route.

8/24/18 updateUniversity Bay Drive near Lot 60/76 will reopen starting August 25 until approximately August 31. This will ensure access to Lot 60/76 is maintained in the event of flooding at the intersection of Marsh and Willow Drives. Routes 80 and 84 will resume their regular routes during this time. Construction will resume after the potential of flooding has subsided.

9/12/18 update – Nearly all Metro Transit buses have returned to their original routes. One bus stop (#1595) on Johnson and Thornton will remain closed until further notice.

Here are some additional resources so you can stay up to date: