Email phishing attempt from “UW Parking Services”

We have been alerted to a phishing attempt where the perpetrator is pretending to be UW Transportation Services. This is not a legitimate message. Do not click any links in a message from an unknown/unusual From address, especially one that does not have a “” address.

Official UW Transportation Services correspondence will always come from a “” address, typically one of the following addresses:

A sample of the phishing message can be seen below:

This incident has been reported to DoIT’s Office of Cybersecurity, AIMS, and the Anti-Phishing Working Group. If you have received this message, you can also report the incident to DoIT using the Outlook “Report Phish”  tool, completing the DoIT website “Report an Incident” tool, or  by forwarding the email to

DoIT published a helpful article on learning to recognize and report phishing attempts:

If you have questions about the legitimacy of an email seemingly from Transportation Services, you can contact a Transportation Services customer service representative at or call 263-6667. You can also contact the DoIT Help Desk (608) 264-HELP (4357) and ask for advice.

Additional DoIT resources on phishing: