Observatory Drive westbound only from Bascom Hall to Charter Street

*Update 6/10/2019 – eastbound traffic reopened as of June 7.

As part of the major utilities project on Bascom Hill, eastbound Observatory Drive is closed between Charter Street and Lot 11 (Bascom Hall) starting May 20.  Permit holders in Lots 9, 10, and 11 can only access their lots coming from the east, using N. Park Street to access Observatory Drive. This closure is for approximately two weeks, barring weather delays.

The project will close two bus stops–#0053 – Observatory & Bascom (serves Route 81) and #0052 – Observatory & N. Charter (serves Route 80, 81) in front of the Social Sciences Building. Route 81 does not run during the summer interim. Route 80 riders should use the #0060 – Observatory & Bascom (WB) stop or the #0488 – Linden and Charter (WB) stop.