Northbound access closed through Mills/Dayton intersection

Part of the Dayton Street utilities project will close northbound access through the Mills Street at Dayton Street intersection starting Monday, June 17. This closure will last for approximately six weeks. Southbound traffic will be allowed.

As the intersection of Charter and Dayton Streets is also closed to northbound traffic, motorists must use Randall Avenue or Park Street to travel north. A recommended path to Park Street is to head south on Mills Street, then head east (turn left) onto Regent Street.

Metro transit Routes 4, 44 (AM), and 27 (AM) are affected by this closure and will reroute off of Mills Street from Vilas Avenue to University Avenue. More Route 4, 44, and 27 detour information

Other area traffic impacts
  • Access to Lot 80 and moped lot 627 available from the west by taking Randall Avenue to Dayton Street. Motorists leaving these lots will be able to travel westbound to Randall Avenue and southbound to Orchard Street.
  • Access to Lot 56 and moped lot 661 only available by coming up Charter Street from the south after traveling eastbound on Dayton (past the Computer Science building). The intersection of Charter and Dayton Streets is closed to northbound traffic. Motorists exiting these lots must head northbound to the intersection of Charter and Johnson Streets.
  • Motorists heading to Lot 53 or Lot 54 cannot travel northbound through the intersection of Charter Street at Dayton Street. Two-way traffic is temporarily available on this section of Charter Street (formerly one-way northbound only) until Spring Street.

Note: northbound and southbound traffic is reopened on Charter Street between Johnson Street and University Avenue!

A full description of road closures associated with the Dayton Street utility project. Dayton Street closed from Charter Street to Park Street. Traffic can pass over the Dayton/Mills intersection and in a limited capacity to Lot 44. Intersection of Dayton/Charter currently closed to northbound traffic.
Click on the above image to enlarge or click here to view the Dayton Street construction map.

Wider scope view of south campus with the Dayton Street construction road closures/impacts:

Click the above image to enlarge or click here to view the wide-view Dayton Street construction impacts map.

Project dates may change due to the weather or other factors. Updates will be provided if changes occur.

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