Madison Metro Transit seeking additional feedback on network redesign

Madison Metro Transit is again seeking community feedback in a Transit Alternatives Survey as part of planning a complete transit network redesign to change their system of bus routes. The network design is now in Phase 2 of planning.

Your voice matters! Survey responses will help guide Metro Transit on how to balance bus route design tradeoffs that best serve the Madison area, including campus. Feedback will help Metro develop a draft network plan in Winter 2021/2022.

Read on for redesign information and the network alternatives survey details from Metro:

Metro Transit staff are working on a complete network redesign to create a new system of bus routes that better serves the needs of Madison area residents and businesses. This involves determining where buses go, how often they come, and what time service begins and ends. The results will have a big impact on where people can get to on transit and how fast they can get there. The new Transit Network will be fully integrated with the Metro RAPID Red Line, Madison’s first Bus Rapid Transit route.

Input received from the first phase of the project, Transit Choices, was used to develop two contrasting network alternatives, the Ridership Alternative and Coverage Alternative. Both alternatives are realistic but neither alternative is a proposal. They are intended to show the extremes of what might be possible in Madison to illustrate the potential network designs resulting from different policy decisions.

Please fill out Metro’s Transit Alternatives Survey and provide your input on how to balance the design tradeoffs:  

En Español:

The survey can be completed in under 10 minutes. The survey is open through September 29, 2021.

For additional information on the Metro Transit Network Redesign project, visit the Transit Network Redesign webpage. Questions and comments can also be emailed to

If you have feedback on how your bus commute has been affected by Covid-19 – especially if you have encountered issues with capacity limits or by a suspended route – please submit a feedback form on the Metro Transit website.

More information about campus and city bus routes can be found on our bus webpage.