Remaining parking permit options through summer 2022

2021-22 parking permit applications are closed for the remainder of this parking year, which ends Wednesday, August 31.

Remaining permit options for this parking year are now available for instant purchase in the eBusiness portal. This includes base lot, park and ride, Flex, motorcycle, moped, afternoon, and night permits. If a permit or lot option is not listed, it is not available. Employee bus passes good through August 31 can also be purchased in the eBusiness portal. All products are available at a prorated cost.

Those who already hold a 2021-22 base lot, Flex, or park and ride permit must visit a Transportation Services office if they want to exchange their permit for one of the available permit options. You will be unable to see permit availability in the eBusiness portal if you already hold one of the aforementioned permit types, but can see potential options on the permit availability page.

Those still on a 2021-22 wait list will remain on their respective list(s) as offers are processed biweekly through June.

Click here for information about the 2022-23 parking year, which begins Sept. 1.