Accept round 2 parking offers, apply for round 3 by August 20

Parking offers for those who submitted a 2019-20 parking application between July 12 and August 6 were sent August 7-8. Some offers may have also been extended to those who applied earlier in the summer application time (May-June). These offers must be accepted and purchased by Tuesday, August 20 or the offer expires. There is no way to retrieve an expired offer. Please note: not all those who completed an application were offered a permit during round one or two. If you did not receive an email offering you parking, you were added to a waiting list and may get an offer in a future round.

Those who apply after August 20 will have their applications processed in accordance with the regular parking year offer schedule. This schedule is approximately every other week during the parking year, on Wednesdays.

If you do not have or have not had a parking permit in the past, you must contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) for approval to apply for the 2019-20 parking year.

2019-20 bus passes and motorcycle, moped, afternoon and night permits were made available for purchase August 1. These products do not need UTC approval and can be purchased directly online.

The 2019-20 parking year begins September 1, 2019 and lasts through August 31, 2020.