Transportation Services update on product refunds and cancellations

Updated 5/11/20 4 p.m.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times for our campus community. Many people have questioned how fees for parking permits and other UW Transportation Services products (bus pass, bike locker and cage rental) will be handled for the time campus is reduced to essential personnel only. This message will address those questions and concerns.  There are also details on actions to take if you have a parking permit or product you no longer need.

Please note: All Transportation Services office locations are closed and staffing significantly reduced. Offices are closed until campus directives state non-essential operations may reopen. Emailed questions and concerns will be answered during weekday hours of operations. We are receiving many emails, so please expect some delay before you receive a response.

These changes are effective as of March 23:

Payroll deductions

As of March 23, payroll deductions have been suspended. Employees are not required to make up “missed” deductions. Accounts with payroll deduction balances will be adjusted so employees are not charged during the suspension period.

Please note: Monthly (UW12) and nine-month (UW9) appointment payroll deductions for March were processed prior to March 23. Once requested from payroll offices, deductions cannot be reversed. Monthly and nine-month appointment employees will see a deduction for the full month of March on their next paycheck. When payroll deductions resume, future deductions or cost will be adjusted.

It is not known at this time how long payroll deductions will be suspended, as the suspension period is dependent on campus reopening for regular business. Transportation Services will not request any further payroll deductions until campus reopens. You will be notified before payroll deductions start again. Please keep your permit and/or product and do not return it to Transportation Services if you will need to use it prior to August 31, 2020.

Credit card, cash, or check payments

Individuals who paid in full for their product will receive adjusted refunds for the time campus is partially closed. Reduced campus operations and staffing limits our ability to coordinate with other departments and process refunds. For these reasons, refunds will not be processed until our offices reopen. We are working to ensure correct refund amounts are ready for processing when campus resumes full operations.

4/30/20 reminder: refunds cannot be processed until our offices reopen and the full refund amount is determined.The refund amount depends on when a parking permit is required to park again for all campus lots. We do not have a timeline for when our offices will reopen or when we will be directed to restart fully controlling campus parking by requiring a permit.

Permit and product cancellations

Canceling your parking permit or other transportation product is not recommended if you will need to use it for UW or affiliate work any time through August 31, 2020.

If you cancel your permit and need parking when you return, you would need to submit a new parking application. There is no guarantee you would receive a parking offer for the same lot as your old permit.

If you do not need your permit, pass, or key for any time through August 31, 2020, you can mail it in along with a completed cancellation form. Once received, the product will be canceled.

Cancellation form (PDF)

Mail the permit/product and completed form to:

Transportation Services
610 Walnut Street RM 124
Madison, WI 53726

The cancellation process depends on the method originally used to pay for the permit:

  • Payroll deduction – The permit will be prorated to March 23. Please note, there could still be a future payroll deduction taken or balance due based on the cancellation date (permit proration).
  • Credit card, cash, or check – The permit will be prorated to March 23. Refunds cannot be processed until our office can reopen. DO NOT put your credit card information on the cancellation form.  Please include your phone number on the form; you will receive a call from Transportation Services to collect credit card details.

Note: If you are returning to campus for Fall 2020 but cancel your permit, you will not receive a 2020-21 parking application reminder from UW Transportation Services. It is recommended you check campus e-newsletters (ex. Working at UW) and the Transportation Services website for 2020-21 application information in May.

Thank you for your understanding and support for the UW mission. Please stay tuned to for the most up-to-date campus information and related resources. Information on specific Transportation Services updates are available at: