Road closures and detours – Spring/Summer 2020

Essential construction projects continue on campus–read on for updates on some construction projects affecting campus traffic patterns. This page will be updated with project changes and new work as information becomes available.

Reminder: project dates are subject to change due to weather or other factors.

Important note: most campus parking lots are open to essential employees. Please see more information about parking lots (and a map) in the Transportation Services operational status update.

Updated – June 29, 12 p.m.

Central campus projects

Bascom-Lathrop utility project

  • The eastbound lane of Observatory Drive between Bascom Hall and North Hall reopened June 4. All of Observatory Drive is open between Park and Charter Streets.
  • Lot 9 closed as of May 11.
  • Park Street southbound closed between Langdon Street and Lathrop Drive approximately June 6 until October 2020.
  • Lathrop Drive remains bisected. Lot 5 traffic must enter/exit onto Park Street and Lot 115 traffic must enter/exit onto Charter Street. Some stalls in Lot 5 are closed for construction staging; accessible parking stalls relocated to the circle drive near Chadbourne Hall.

For project updates, see the Bascom-Lathrop project page. See the campus construction map for a more detailed description of available paths.

Some stalls in Lot 11 blocked while part of the Bascom Hall roof undergoes repairs.

Bock Laboratories roof replacement

Lot 30 temporarily closed while a crane is placed in the lot for roof repairs to Bock Labs and other nearby buildings.

South campus projects

Chemistry building addition project

No changes.

Mills Street between University Avenue and Johnson Street is closed to two-way traffic until mid-to-late 2020; detour via Brooks, Charter, or Park Street. One lane of northbound Charter Street between University Avenue and Johnson Street remains closed. Lanes on University Avenue remain shifted.

Dayton Street utility project

The Dayton Street utility project finished Friday, June 12. Route 80–on recess schedule–returned to Dayton Street Saturday, June 13.

UW Field House repair

Lot 19 is closed for the duration of work on the UW Field House. Anticipated reopening end of summer 2020.

West campus projects

Campus road repaving and line painting

Roads across west campus (road west of and including Charter Street) will have asphalt repaired and line marking repainted throughout summer 2020. Traffic will be maintained on these roads, with workers with flags providing direction as needed.

Linden Drive parking structure and utilities projects

A section of Linden Drive between the Dairy Barn and Veterinary Medicine is closed May 26 until mid-to-late August.

Vehicles can enter and exit Lot 4, 123, 124, and 125 from Easterday Lane. A temporary driveway will also be available to Lot 123/the Veterinary Medicine loading dock from Farm Place. Lot 39 and 12 can be accessed from Linden Drive by way of Elm Drive.

Several area sidewalks and paths are unavailable while work takes place:

  • The southern sidewalk of Observatory Drive is partially closed; closed area extends from eastern edge of Lot 62 until the western edge of the new Meat Science building. Detour available via the northern sidewalk.
  • The northern and southern sidewalk of Linden Drive by the Linden Drive parking garage construction site is closed. Detour available via the Observatory Drive sidewalks.

Reminder: The Willow Creek pedestrian-bicycle bridge is closed until further notice due to structural integrity concerns.

Partial closure of Lot 131

A section of Lot 131 located near the intersection of Oxford Road and University Bay Drive will serve as a temporary landing pad for UW Hospital Med Flight during most of July. UW Med Flight will temporarily relocate starting July 6 as the UW Hospital landing pad undergoes repair work.  This switch is expected to last 2-3 weeks, depending on weather and other factors.

This off-street section of Lot 131 closed as of June 29 to undergo site preparation–likely closed until July 28.

This project was coordinated with guidance from UW Hospital, FP&M, Housing, and local government groups.


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