Linden Drive Garage (Lot 67) opens January 13

UW Transportation Services is pleased to announce the opening of Lot 67 – Linden Drive Garage (2002 Linden Drive) on Wednesday, January 13 to motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Work on the five-story, 601 stall gated facility began in late September 2019. Final project touches (i.e. landscaping) are expected in Spring 2021, when certain areas may be closed for periods of time.

The garage has visitor parking in addition to permit, disabled, reserved, and service stalls. The expansion of visitor parking created by Lot 67 will benefit the School of Veterinary Medicine, the new Meat Science Lab, the upcoming Natatorium replacement, and other west campus services.

The parking garage will be “controlled at all times”, meaning a valid UW parking permit/pass or paid visitor status is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitors pull a ticket at entry and use it to pay for time parked just before or at time of exit. (Visitor parking information)

There are two access points: a double entry and exit off Colwood Drive on the west and a single entry and exit off Linden Drive on the south. Colwood Drive, a new north-south road, opened December 7. Colwood Drive will serve as the replacement Linden Drive and Observatory Drive connection when Easterday Lane is retired and absorbed by the Veterinary Medicine expansion project.

There are two motorcycle parking areas with dedicated access lanes: one on the west side of the garage, along Colwood Drive, and one to the south, along Linden Drive. Other features include two electric vehicle charging stations (four stalls) and dedicated bicycle parking areas in the garage’s northwest and southwest corners.

The following types of parking permits and passes will be available for purchase for Lot 67:

*For graduate and professional students and certain UW low-wage earner employees – more details in the news release.

UW Disabled permits allow access to Lot 67, as well as service permits, vendor permits, emeriti passes, and motorcycle permits.

The above noted permits will be available for purchase starting January 13. Depending on the type of permit/pass, items will be available online and/or at a customer service office. (Reduced cost, semester, and monthly permits cannot be purchased online, they must be purchased at an office.) Permit exchanges must be processed at a customer service office.

Additional permit types may be available in the future, depending on lot utilization data.

Note: Lot 62—the surface lot immediately to the west of Lot 67—will be closing early summer 2021. Details on lot closure will be available closer to the construction date.

Photo gallery of construction process

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