Summer 2021 parking and 2021-22 parking applications

Parking through Aug. 31, 2021

2020-21 parking permit applications are closed for the remainder of this parking year, through August 31.

Remaining permit options for this parking year are available for instant purchase in the eBusiness portal. This includes available base lot, park and ride, Flex, motorcycle, moped, afternoon, and night permits. If a permit or lot option is not listed, it is not available. Employee bus passes good through August 31 can also be purchased in the eBusiness portal.

Those who already hold a 2020-21 base lot, Flex, or park and ride permit must visit a Transportation Services office if they want to exchange their permit for one of the available permit options. You will be unable to see permit availability in the eBusiness portal if you already hold one of the aforementioned permit types, but can see potential options on the permit availability page.

Those still on a 2020-21 waitlist will remain on their respective list(s) as offers are processed biweekly through June.

Parking year 2021-22 (Sept. 1, 2021 – Aug. 31, 2022)

Due to continued uncertainty for many individuals and their on-campus working status, Transportation Services is again offering an adjusted 2021-22 parking application calendar. Flex parking will continue to be available in a greater amount, the multi-day pass program will continue, and reduced and low-cost parking options will continue for one more year.

Parking applications for the 2021-22 year are now open. You can review the types of parking permits on the permit information page.

  • 2021-22 base lot, Flex, UW Disabled, and business alternate permits require an application.
  • 2021-22 department limited, department service, and vendor permits applications open the week of May 24; the priority deadline is June 25.

2021-22 employee bus pass and afternoon, night, moped, and motorcycle permits will be available to purchase starting August 1. Additionally – multi-day passes and 2021-22 reduced and low-cost parking options will also be available starting August 1. There is no application process for these products; purchases can be made online in the eBusiness purchasing portal and/or in person, depending on the product.

Summer deadline highlights – see full calendar toward the bottom of this page:

  • Round 1 | apply May 17 – June 25; offers sent July 19-21, claim by August 3
  • Round 2 | apply July 19 – August 3; offers sent August 4-5, claim by August 17
  • Round 3 | apply August 4-17; offers sent August 18, claim by August 31
  • After August 17, parking offers are processed approximately every two weeks throughout the parking year

Need ideas about what permit or pass might fit your work schedule? Learn more about parking and transportation options for the 2021-22 parking year by viewing the summer and fall 2021 parking and transportation guide.

How to apply

Employees who have previously held a base lot, Flex, or UW Disabled permit can now apply in the permit application system (PAS). Students need to complete a pre-approval application before they may apply for parking. (Graduate/professional students — please see the reduced and low-cost parking options, the majority of which do not require an application.)

If you have never applied for parking before, you need to contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator (UTC) for approval to apply. Information in the “Applying for parking” section of the permit types and information page and on the new employee page may be helpful to you.

Apply for parking – permit application system (PAS)

You can also find helpful parking links in MyUW (! Add the “Parking at UW” and “Transportation at UW” tiles for a quick and easy way to access some of the most used Transportation Services resources.


Schedule for 2020-21 parking applications

Deadline date Task
May 17 – June 25 Parking applications open – Round 1
June 25 Deadline for Round 1 parking applications
July 19-21 Round 1 parking offers sent via email*
July 19 – August 3 Parking applications open – Round 2
August 1 Employee bus pass, multi-day passes, reduced and low-cost permits**, and afternoon, night, moped, and motorcycle permits go on sale
August 3 Deadline to accept Round 1 parking offers and deadline for Round 2 parking applications
August 4 – 17 Parking applications open – Round 3
August 4 – 5 Round 2 parking offers sent via email*
August 17 Deadline to accept Round 2 parking offers and deadline for Round 3 parking applications
August 18  Round 3 parking offers sent via email*
August 31 Deadline to accept Round 3 parking offers

* Applying for a parking permit does not guarantee you will receive an offer. If you do not receive an email offering you parking, you will be added to a waiting list and may get an offer in a future round.
** Learn more about these options on the reduced and low-cost parking options page.

Applications submitted after August 17 will be processed approximately every two weeks throughout the parking year. You can see which permits are available at any given time by referring to the annual permit availability list.

To apply for a parking permit:

To accept an offer and buy your parking permit:

Starting August 1 – To buy a bus pass, multi-day pass, and/or an afternoon, night, moped or motorcycle permit: