Reservation Pick-up and Return

Department of Administration (DOA) Fleet – 1704 S. Park Street

Vehicle Pick-up

DOA Central Fleet will dispatch vehicles only during DOA office hours, weekdays 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. (excluding legal holidays). When drivers arrive at the Central Fleet Office, all they will need to provide is their driver’s license. Traveler parking is readily available in designated areas, but not guaranteed. Heed the signs and do not park your personal vehicle in the fleet return area.

Vehicle Return

Returns can be made at any day and time. Upon returning to Central Fleet Offices, park the vehicle outside the garage in the designated area.  Fill in the final odometer mileage on the vehicle requisition form.  Please return with a full fuel tank as a courtesy to the next driver.  Clean out personal belongings and return the keys and vehicle requisition slip to Fleet staff.

If you are returning a car after hours, follow the directions above, but return keys and completed requisition slip in the designated drop box outside Central Fleet Offices.