Transportation Services announces 2022-23 parking rates and policies

Parking rates and program changes for the 2022-23 parking year (Sept. 1, 2022 – Aug. 31, 2023) have been approved and released. The changes are outlined below.

  • There will be a one percent (1%) rate increase for most parking permits.
  • Most reduced and low-cost parking options introduced in 2020-21 will continue.
  • The multi-day parking pass will be discontinued for the following lots: 6 Upper, 7, 17, 20, 29, 36, 46, 67, 76, 80, and 83.
  • A new Lot 76 Quick Pass will be available for on-demand purchase and valid for five days of parking in Lot 76 only. Parking costs are paid at time of purchase and fees are deducted at a flat rate of $12 per day when the pass is used to enter and exit Lot 76 between 12 am – 11:59 pm. The pass is not reloadable, but customers can purchase multiple Lot 76 Quick Passes.
  • The Flex (pay-per-use) parking program will see multiple changes in 2022-23:
    • Flex hourly rates will increase to $0.80 per 30 minutes for the first three hours of parking, and $0.80 per hour thereafter. The daily rate maximum will increase to $12 per day.
    • The Flex program will now offer two permit types based on lot classification: Flex Gated and Flex Surface. New Flex rates apply to both permit types.
    • Flex Gated permit holders pre-pay for parking by adding funds to a parking account. The Flex parking rate will be applied when funds are added to the account. Payment will be automatically deducted from the account when permit holders exit a parking ramp.
    • Flex Surface permit holders will continue to use ParkMobile to pay at the start of each parking session.

Please note: Flex parking rates have not increased for 10 years. The 2022-23 Flex parking rate increase keeps the program consistent with its intended purpose, which is to offer occasional parking for those who primarily choose active or alternative commutes, such as biking, walking, or taking public transit. Flex rates are set in compliance with UW policies and are approved by shared governance.

Transportation Services offers reduced and low-cost parking and transportation options to ensure campus is accessible for lower-wage earners. These options include reduced cost annual and semester parking permits; afternoon, night, and park and ride permits; and an employee bus pass. For more information on reduced and low-cost options, see the reduced and low cost parking options page.

A list of rates and Transportation Services policies can be found on the Transportation Services website:

As an auxiliary enterprise of UW-Madison, Transportation Services — a division of Facilities Planning & Management ( — receives no state funding and must generate revenue to fund its programs and activities. Revenue funds parking lots and facilities, bus service, and federal- and state-mandated alternate transportation activities.

Information about parking applications for the 2022-23 parking year will be released in mid-May. You can also look for updates on the Transportation Services website ( and in UW publications like Working at UW (weekly email and at

Please take this time to confirm your primary email address in the Transportation Services eBusiness portal (log in and click under “Welcome, [NAME]!” to find “Manage Your Account Information”). You can reach the Transportation Services eBusiness portal via the Transportation Services website (see “Business Links” at the bottom of this page) or this direct link:

Updated May 10, 2022