Ironman to cause campus detours

The Madison Ironman is Sunday, Sept. 9 and has routes traveling through the Madison area and UW-Madison campus. The marathon course passes through much of campus and will cause detours and delays. Runners are anticipated on the course from noon (12 p.m.) to midnight (12 a.m.). UWPD will assist with traffic rerouting in the areas affected by the course.

Various parking lots along the routes will be impacted, with traffic in and out of the facilities temporarily inhibited based on the number of runners. UWPD will direct traffic in and out of lots as possible. Expect delays and consider alternate travel routes and parking plans if you need to park in an affected area on Sunday. (There are also various construction projects that may cause delays.)

A list of road impacts and maps of all the Ironman routes is available on the Ironman website. Transportation Services has created a Ironman campus race course map, with potential traffic flow patterns noted.

Several Metro Transit detours are in effect on Sunday due to the Ironman routes. This includes campus routes 80, 81, and 82 from 11:30 a.m. until midnight. Full details are available on the Metro website.

Some Lot 26 stalls along Observatory Drive will be blocked off on Saturday to ensure the road is open enough for the race on Sunday. Permit holders can use the lot sections near the Soils Building and the Observatory Hill Office Building, if needed. Please note travel in and out of these areas will be very difficult on Sunday.

Lot 60 and 76 permit holders may use Lot 82 and 64 (using the Observatory Drive entrance/exit) to avoid traffic.

Roads will reopen on a rolling basis as the final runners clear an area.