Madison Metro Transit seeking public input on network redesign draft plan

Madison Metro Transit is seeking feedback on their new network redesign draft plan through a survey and community listening sessions, as part of planning to restructure the city’s system of bus routes. The network redesign is now in phase 3 of planning.

The new network redesign draft plan proposes a complete restructuring of transit service in 2023. The Metro Transit website states that the proposed system would have fewer routes that are more direct and frequent, while providing service coverage where it is needed most. Learn more about the transit network redesign project on the Madison Metro Transit website.

Your input on the network redesign draft plan will help guide Metro Transit on how to best serve the Madison area, including campus. Here are ways you can provide feedback:

Metro Transit staff will analyze community feedback and adjust the plan over the next few months.

Visit the transit network redesign page to find news, updates, and more information on the network redesign project.

More information about campus and city bus routes can be found on our bus webpage.